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Why Medical Aid?

No. The plan designed for individual members is the Individual Private Plan.

Yes, you may visit any of our offices and arrange for payment of subscriptions via direct debit from your bank, or cash deposits at these branches. You would still maintain the same membership number.

Waiting periods exist on certain benefits in order to safeguard existing members from high treatment costs brought about by new members who suddenly join medical aid after having found out that they need expensive treatment. If no such waiting periods are in place, this would drive up contributions and disadvantage existing members.

Yes, babies are covered from the day they are born, as long as they are registered within 6 weeks of birth. Parents are encouraged to register their babies as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences when emergencies arise. Once your baby turns 6 weeks before registration, they would have to undergo a four month waiting period should you decide to register them later.

In terms of the Legal Age of Majority Act of 1982 a child who attains the age of eighteen(18) ceases to be a minor. In line with this act, subscriptions for this category of dependants will be charged at adult rate forthwith, unless prior notification is received that he/she is still a student. Such a student will be treated as a child until their 24th birthday.

The First Mutual Health card is widely accepted throughout Zimbabwe. You may also walk into any of our branches for the most up to date list of service providers. As a fund we pay 100% according to Ahfoz tariffs hence one may encounter shortfalls should the service provider charge over and above these tariffs.

We only cover prescription drugs (drugs that cannot be bought without a doctor’s prescription).

Members must be below 60 years old at the time of joining the Fund. However existing members can remain on the Fund for life as long as they are paying contributions.

Accounts Department

Ensure that you have provided:

  1. Your list of claims
  2. Your valid tax clearance (ITF263)
  3. Correct banking details

If any withholding tax has been taken, you must be provided with a Withholding tax certificate that is signed and stamped.

Ensure that you have:

  1. A valid bank account and the details are correct.
  2. A valid Mobile Money number i.e. Ecocash number.

Thank you for paying your premium. Please send proof of payment to the Accounts department for the records to be updated. This must be done for payments made via:

  1. Mobile money platforms i.e. Ecocash
  2. Zipit
  3. Bank transfer
  4. Cash deposit

Upon termination of an employee’s contract, please notify CHIMAS by sending a termination of membership form. Please update the employees list with us every quarter.

All persons above the age of 18 are treated as adults. However, if your child is still in school (university or college) and above the age of 18, please provide a valid letter showing that the child is enrolled in an institution of learning. This letter must be renewed every year.


When you do not claim for the entire year, you are entitled to a rebate equivalent to 20% of the family’s subscriptions as a no claims bonus

Fill the claim form and attach your receipt scan claims@chimas.co.zw or bring in to the Bulawayo office